Spartronics Vietnam for Commercial Aerospace OEMs

Spartronics Vietnam is a leader in commercial aerospace manufacturing.

Spartronics Vietnam for Commercial Aerospace OEMs from Spartronics on Vimeo.

Spartronics Vietnam has emerged as a leading choice for commercial aerospace OEMs as we’ve proven to deliver on three core principles: competitive costs, best-in-class quality, and our ability to scale with over 18 years in Vietnam. Currently, Spartronics Vietnam obtains the ASI 9100 D certification, and soon, pending in Q1 of 2023, we should obtain our NADCAP certification as well.

Spartronics Vietnam has followed an export-led growth model that utilizes the free-trade agreements and investment incentives to attract new businesses and companies to do business within Southeast Asia. Spartronics continues to be recognized as a low-cost country alternative for commercial aerospace OEMs seeking to relocate their businesses into Southeast Asia, as we’ve proven to be a very steadfast and trusted supplier.



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