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Aftermarket Solutions

Extend the Service Life of Your Products for Your End Users

All advanced electrical and electromechanical products have an expected longevity. You can maximize the service life of your hardware and software installed with your customers by partnering with Spartronics. Our experienced team can help you to support your customers throughout the product lifecycle.

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Refurbish, Repair and Sustain With Our Experts

Spartronics offers refurbishment in the field or servicing at our facilities in North America and Asia for products that you’ve sold to your customers. Our aftermarket services include:

  • Obsolescence management
  • Refurbishment
  • Repair
  • Spare parts support
  • Software maintenance
  • Sustaining engineering
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Enhanced Aftermarket Support

In addition to standard aftermarket support, Spartronics offers enhanced services which many contract manufacturers do not provide, such as:

  • Decontamination — We can repair and refurbish products used in the field that require decontamination, or perform decontamination at our facility.
  • Return logistics — We can support direct shipments to and from end-user points of use in the field.
  • Loaner pool support — To accommodate customer needs, Spartronics can facilitate a loaner pool for “swapping out” devices undergoing repair or refurbishment.
  • Ongoing device history maintenance, tracking and genealogy — Using Aegis FactoryLogix, the full history of the device, including any work performed on returns for each device, is maintained for that device in the system.
  • Complaint investigation and tracking — The handling of complaints is specifically critical for medical customers. In the unlikely event that a product fails, the customer (manufacturer of record) needs to know the cause of failure, and we perform investigational services (often non-warranty) as part of the repair evaluation, relaying that information to our customers so they can fulfill their regulatory obligations.

Leverage Our Aftermarket Expertise

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