Spartronics | Transferring Business to Near Shore or Offshore Alternatives for Contract Manufacturing

Spartronics offers OEMs a strong alternative with both nearshoring and offshoring their electronics contract manufacturing.

Even if companies have made good solid decisions in the past regarding your supply chain and your partner selections, corrections might be needed now because of quality concerns, material and freight costs, supplier consolidation, delivery, or supply chain issues. Spartronics offers both nearshore and offshore alternatives for our customers and OEMs that are geographically, politically, and economically advantageous.

Labor costs in need for developing alternative supply chains have created this opportunity with Spartronics to work with OEMs who are looking to source and transfer highly complex industrial products and systems. Spartronics provides solutions to effectively plan and execute complex manufacturing programs and transfers, quickly identify and solve critical quality issues, significantly improve operations costs, deliver products that need stringent quality and federally regulated controls, manage a vertically integrated supply chain, and produce high-quality market-driven products to its customers.