Spartronics Wins the IPC Hand Soldering and Rework Competition at NEPCON Vietnam

Spartronics Vietnam team member Tuan Nguyen Van was the first-place winner of the IPC Hand Soldering and Rework Competition at NEPCON Vietnam.

Spartronics is proud to announce that two of our Spartronics Vietnam team members came in first and second place at the IPC Hand Soldering and Rework competition. Tuan Nguyen Van went home with the first-place title, while Minh Nong Van walked away in second place. The event took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, where 33 technicians from 17 different Vietnamese companies competed against each other for the grand prize and a chance to compete in the IPC Hand Soldering World Championship at electronica in Munich, Germany. 

Tuan has been with Spartronics Vietnam for the last 12 years, where he is a key member of the Post Assembly team. Working here is where he has gained experience in hand soldering PCBA materials that helped him earn his first-place title. Competing for the title, contestants had 50 minutes to rework 15 components on PCBA materials and then hand solder them as new ones. Assemblies were then judged on soldering per IPC-A-610H, IPC J-STD-001H, IPC-7711/21C - Class 3 criteria, the speed at which it was assembled, and the overall electrical functionality of the assembly.     

To prepare, Tuan spent two weeks practicing on PCBA materials used in the previous IPC competition Spartronics participated in. He focused on removing components and then resoldering them to IPC standards. Our Quality team then checked these for their functionality and IPC requirements. Tuan will continue using this methodology as he prepares for the IPC Hand Soldering World Championship at Electronica in Germany. He will also work closely with an internal trainer to ensure his method is seamless and meets all IPC standards that he will be judged against.  

Spartronics is incredibly proud of both Tuan’s and Minh’s hard work and is excited to support Tuan at the international competition in November. For more information about Spartronics Vietnam, visit Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Spartronics