VP & General Manager of Industrial, Dung Tran, Sits with EMSNow’s Eric Miscoll

VP & General Manager of Industrial, Dung Tran, sat down with EMS Now's Eric Miscoll to discuss Vietnam's success in electronics contract manufacturing.

On September 12, 2022, our VP & General Manager of Industrial, Dung Tran, sat down with EMS Now's publisher, Eric Miscoll, to discuss Vietnam's outstanding success in electronics contract manufacturing and Spartronics' involvement in all of this. Dung has been leading the Spartronics Vietnam team for eight years and has witnessed tremendous growth in Vietnam firsthand. He has been instrumental in expanding the Vietnam facility, and the two discussed Spartronics Vietnam's future with the grand opening of the new facility this fall. However, before jumping into that, they chatted about why Vietnam has seen such great economic success and how the country has positioned itself as a leader in electronics contract manufacturing.

Over the last few years, Vietnam has made a name for itself as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. This was not something that came about overnight but a steady growth resulting from the government's strategic decision-making. While chatting with Eric, Dung shared reasons he believes Vietnam has seen such prosperous growth over the last few years. He stated that Vietnam's free trade agreements with many countries across the globe, its close vicinity to China, and its cost competitiveness have helped Vietnam draw in so many new businesses and investors. When it comes to contract manufacturing (CM) specifically, Vietnam is also developing many resources used in the manufacturing of electromechanical devices, which is a clear benefit to offshoring in the country.

Spartronics has 17 years of experience within Vietnam and has watched the country grow exponentially, and under Dung's leadership, Spartronics is now expanding to a 270,000 sq. ft facility. Whirling with excitement, Dung shared that the new Spartronics Vietnam facility is set to open this fall – with just a few more permits pending approval. As Vietnam focuses on sustainability and green initiatives, the new facility will do the same as it is LEED gold certified and has an impressive solar rooftop. In addition, it will hold about 400 employees that will maintain a customer-focused environment. 

Hear all about Spartronics Vietnam's new facility and the economic growth Vietnam has sustained over the years by tuning into the full interview.